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"In any industry there lies the minion of professionals that just gets by and then there is the cream of the crop. Linda Castle, is exceptional in her abilities as an Interior Designer and will deliver every time. Over the years I have worked with Linda on many diverse design projects and I have enjoyed the consistency she brings to the table. She is always a professional; well prepared with excellent follow-up skills, is punctual, and has an attention to detail that is unmatched. Most importantly though, her distinction is expressed on an individual basis. There is a difference between hiring the right person for the job, and hiring the right person for “your” project. Linda will create the design of your dreams, not hers, as she harbors a refreshingly unique ability to achieve your vision while using her professional skills to polish out the rough edges. Every project we have worked on together, Linda shows up with enthusiasm, passion, and intuition. You won’t get “WOW” without passion and intuition from your designer. She really knows her clients: If you’re vision is not clear, Linda figures it out by asking the right questions, listening, and looking around to better understand and guide. If you want Trendy for example but don’t know it, she’ll figure it out. If you want to breathe new life into a difficult space, she delivers. Linda has a true Love for what she does and I have full confidence in her and look forward to working with her in the years to come. If you are in the market for a professional Interior Designer, Linda will most assuredly deliver the 'wow'!"
- Walter G.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Linda for many years, and she has been a valuable asset to my building business. She specifies all my interior and exterior material finishes and color selections for spec homes, and then, once a home sells, she works hand in hand with the client to complete all decorator selections. The full range of services she provides is priceless for the client and provides a smooth and comfortable bridge between me and the purchaser. Linda can work with clients from ground-breaking to move -in, including all furnishings. And she will work within the budget guidelines from the builder perspective, as well as the purchaser."
- Lee H.

"Linda was a godsend to me. After using several other decorators, as well as interviewing a few more, I was ready to give up on using any decorator.  Then I found Linda Castle. Wow!! I have several health challenges and she went the extra mile to make sure I have a product that is safe for me in my home.  Linda has saved me so much time, money, and precious energy.  She has just the right eye to help you achieve exactly what you're looking for which has been perfect for our home. My husband and I marvel at how well she does this.  Linda is not only friendly, warm, and caring, but she also is very honest and fair with her clients. Reliable and trustworthy are traits that she embodies. She is not only my decorator, now she is also my friend. I don't know what I'd do without her help and friendship!"
- Tom and Polly T.

"Wow! Linda is simply amazing! She my took my tired home and transformed it into a modern, comfortable and cozy space all within my budget. Thank you Linda!"
- Peg C.

"From the day that we met Linda to the day when we moved into our new home, our experience was nothing but a pleasure to deal with a professional decorator that not only has exquisite taste, but a tremendous ability and patience to work with clients. I would highly recommend Linda to everybody. She will definitely satisfy the most demanding taste."
- Nina and Lenny B.

"My husband and I recently relocated to Georgia and we consulted with Linda to decorated the home we were building. Linda had wonderful ideas and was genuinely excited about our home and working with us. Her warm personality, enthusiasm, and professionalism is contagious. We loved her eye for color and detail. Her vision for our home matched ours perfectly and we worked together to create a home that is beautiful and comfortable. It has been a true pleasure working with Linda. She has not only been our decorator, but we have gained a friend as well."
- Cheryl and Dan S.

"We Just got Married.  My wife has been a friend of Linda's for many years, as well as using her decorating advise.  I have been decorated challenged for most of my life.  I can decorate a garage/Man cave in white OR Green & put up peg board to hang tools.  Linda came to our new house, before we moved in [Just bare walls]. and created a vision.  I must admit I was skeptical.  I fought almost everything... How wrong can one Man be.  I look at the finished product and I am so proud of OUR house,  I want to show it off. I never had that feeling before.  I would recommend her to any MAN, even one with a closed mind.  She does wonders. Our house is a SHOWPLACE.  HOORAY FOR LINDA!" 
- Tom & Gail M.